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[Feature Request] FARR use across computers

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Hi Mouser,

You know that FARR is a very important part of my workflow.

I use Dropbox to share files across my computers but also many programs and custom scripts...

The filecontents command is VERY helpful

--- ---f | #filecontents C:\Dropbox\_common\programs\FARR Aliases\g.txtto make changes quickly across computers...
I would even say that's unvaluable...

However, when i need to add an alias, a search folder, when i need to change a setting, update FARR etc...
I have to do it on every computer... that's not a lot but that's 5 computers already...

Settings, alias, search folders... everything is the same... so here is my feature request

Optionnaly, using the already existing ConfigDir.ini, add a dynamic PREFIX parameter (I use the computer name to distinguish my computers in my ahk scripts) to prefix every files that are different from one computer to another... :

--- ---FarrTroubleshooting.log

We would have this simple ConfigDir.ini file:

--- ---CONFIGDIR = .

That way the exact same portable FARR could be put in Dropbox and used on any computer

Hope this feature request can make it for the next FARR update  :-* :-*

Donation on its way to give you a little incentive

Can you elaborate a little on how you would use such a prefix.. which files would you keep unique to the pc and which would you want shared?

To begin... here is a great FARR tip ;) It gives you an idea where my prefix idea comes from...

--- ---f | #filecontents C:\Dropbox\_common\programs\FARR Aliases\
this also works:

--- ---f | #filecontents C:\Dropbox\_common\programs\FARR Aliases\t_%USERNAME%.txt
side note....but this does not work (small bug ? %COMPUTERNAME% is not replaced):

--- ---f | #filecontents C:\Dropbox\_common\programs\FARR Aliases\t_%COMPUTERNAME%.txt


The way I see it:

I have nothing to do except add PREFIX=TRUE in the ConfigDir.ini file.

and FARR automatically add the computer name to the files specific to each computers...

--- ---maincomputer_FarrTroubleshooting.log

so on my second computer, FARR would save those files:

--- ---mysecondcomputer_FarrTroubleshooting.log
and so on...

All those files would be in the same place, i can now make some changes on my main computer, FARR updates the main computer ini files: maincomputer_FindAndRunRobot.ini, ...
I can now replicate the changes on the other FindAndRunRobot.ini files... : mysecondcomputer_FindAndRunRobot.ini, mythirdcomputer_FindAndRunRobot.ini

I think this should be really easy to do

i see one small problem:
When you exit FARR it saves its current settings
So mysecondcomputer_FindAndRunRobot.ini, mythirdcomputer_FindAndRunRobot.ini would be overwritten
So I would have to exit FARR on any running computer...
make the changes, save
replicate the changes on the other FindAndRunRobot.ini files
restart FARR on the other computers...

Maybe, there is a command to reload ini files that i'm not aware of...

Basically, the only sections that changes from one computer to another (in the FindAndRunRobot.ini file), (if we want to be more specific...) are
everything else would be replaced (shared)
(in an ideal world, FindAndRunRobot.ini file would be split, so the shared part could be just replaced)

I have a similar setup using dropbox.
I don't run into trouble with changing settings, since i rarely change them anymore. However, I do change aliases a bit. So I have a shared alias file that I symlinked from %appdata% to dropbox shared folder. This works well because FARR seems to instantly notice the change in alias. I am not sure if aliases are actually kept in memory, or loaded from disk every time they're required, but I works, and I'm happy.

I have a similar setup on each pc but there are some differences in text editors of choice etc. If any alias is using such a tool then I leverage user variables to define paths to tools.
I only have one or two for now, mainly a text editor, but that is beside the point.

However, I do change aliases a bit. So I have a shared alias file that I symlinked from %appdata% to dropbox shared folder.
--- End quote ---
Thanks for sharing this tip  :Thmbsup:

I personally like the filecontent method because besides allowing shared aliases, It also allows me to use my text editor of choice (sublime text) to edit my aliases ... which I find much easier to use than FARR options...  :P


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