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Suggestion: A new GUI for ExifTools

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There has not been an update of ExifToolGUI for a few years and there will not be any new versions: the developer has stopped with it.
It was and still is a great tool because it was
- tiny, fast, portable and
- included quite a number of features
- handle ALL exifdata only (i.e. no management and/or develop things)
- free

As far as I know there are no other similar tools.
Sure, there are imageviewers, like XnView, Irfanview and commercial products like ACDSee, but one way or the other these products have a few drawbacks.
Either slower or more complex or extra clicks are needed to view all exif data, or missing maker notes, or ...
Also Explorer or Explorer replacements can show some imagedetails, but they as well are limited: not all information is displayed.

ExifToolGUI becomes a tool similar to QuickPar - 'Old - no development anymore - but a times still needed'

Idea to bring out a new version with ExifTool as base??

Oh, I did look at an alternative found on the ExifTool site, but they can not be compared to ExifToolGUI.

later: I just  found another small tool named pyExifToolGUI
I need to check it out.
At first sight:
-the window can not be resized
-a little too few details are displayed at the same time, i.e. one needs to scroll up and down a lot (because of using grid lines I suppose)
-in case of loading a folder, then the maximum thumbnails displayed is 10

Usually Explorer / Explorer replacements do not properly show stuff like sRGB and what type of White Balance.

Suggestion: A new GUI for ExifTools
Suggestion: A new GUI for ExifTools

no development since 2013.

Is the current ExifToolGUI missing something in regards to functionality?

Definitely not, but it is my shortcoming not being able properly work with it (command tool).
My preference is to use a windows interface.

no development since 2013.-dcwul62 (June 09, 2016, 11:19 PM)
--- End quote ---

Latest version: ExifToolGUI v5.16, April 5,2015,2750.0.html

FWIW, I always found ExifToolGUI to be an extremely slow program when working with more than a few images - so much so that I only use it if doing a Google search fails to find how I can do it using ExifTool from the command line ... and that's only if I can't do what I want in Daminion or GeoSetter.

The 2015 version was a (minor) bugfix, I myself reported that bug, but actually, since 2012 there were just a few bug fixes.
My optinin is that the tool is quite handy. Used it quite a number of times. It is also useful, for instance, when you need a time shift.
(winter/summertime and camera is not adjusted)

anyway, as explained, there are very few tools and support of those tools, well, at best it is very limited.
same goes for pyexiv2 (no development since 2011)

reason for my suggestion.

Then again, frankly speaking, I don't know if it is complex (likely it is).



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