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Suggestion: A new GUI for ExifTools

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I tried a DuckDuckGo search for "exif editor".  One of the postings it returned was Comparison of metadata editorsw.  It lists several GUIs for ExifTool, and some other programs.

ExifTool seems to be the default freeware.  ImBatch, free for non-commercial use, might be worth a look.  Otherwise, some of the programs that can bulk edit EXIF data, and have GUIs, are quite expensive.  I'd be resistant to spending money, because there exist free tools for stripping EXIF data altogether, and far too many people who like to do just that. 

Couple of points (maybe even three) and then I'll give up.

Sorry, I went for the beta version and ignored the .zip version.-dcwul62 (June 13, 2016, 08:09 AM)
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Mentioned twice already: You can extract the contents of the installer.  Then it's just a matter of dropping the files into a folder for portable operation. Hint

As for speed, well, I took 1 folder with 115 images with a mix of raw and jpg
It took about 13 minutes to complete 'reading' the folder.
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I did say it reads the metadata in the background, that is GPS data for plotting the photos on the map.

With ExifToolGUI there was no wait at all, all is instantly.
I admit, the images are 1-by-1, so there is no thumbnail preview of an entire folder I believe.
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Then please compare on an equivalent basis next time, this is why in my image Geosetter is set for Report not Thumbnail.

Geosetter [Report mode]: 201 Canon .DNG RAW image files listed within 2 seconds, all background EXIF GPS data for them loaded within 10 seconds - the interface was responsive to selecting any photo within this time period.  Once that background data loading was finished, scroll over image preview happened immediately for any file, 0 delay (there is no need for a separate Image Preview).  Within that initial period of background data reading there was a short delay of a second or so before display occurred, (which I also mentioned above).
Subsequent runs on the same folder had everything loaded within 5 seconds, (cached), and image preview available immediately.

And just for laughs: 130 images had GPS data, all plotted on the map within 3 seconds (after data load) across two countries (UK and Australia) from where you could select any image you wanted.

ExifToolGUI [same set of files]: ~15 seconds before its interface appeared (opening on test folder by default) - no image preview for any of the files.  Subsequent run took ~5 seconds, (cached), still no image preview.

As soon as ExifToolGUI provides a thumbnail view your loading times for it will become relevant compared to Geosetter .... oh, wait ....

Third time I ran ExifToolGUI it failed to find any fixed drive ... again ... lol

@rjbull: The URL you provided is munged by the forum software, here's a Wikipedia link: Comparison of metadata editorsw

Okay, Geosetter seems to work fine with you, not with me. The moment I launch it, it freezes (reading data) and I can't do anything about it for a quite a long time. When I try to access the menu, it crashes (repeatedly). Note: I am not interested in GPS settings, I don't have that/never use that.

Anyway, forget the idea. As for me, this matter can be closed.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.



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