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Change Default Print Image Margin



I need to print shipping labels after taking a screenshot with this application. When I click print image, the default margins is always 1 across all borders. Is there a way to change the default to 0?

It should be remembering your margins.
I've tested it here and it is remembering them.
If you set to something higher than 1 does it remember in that case?

It might remember the margin if it's more than 1, but I need the margins to be all 0. If it's more than 0, then the label will be small on a 4x6 sticker.

im just trying to figure out if maybe its resetting to 1 because it thinks thats the minimmum the printer can do?

You might be right I tried it on my personal computer today, and it was set at 0 when I opened the program again. I will do few more testing when I go to work.


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