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Within A Deep Forest - oldschool game

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The same friend that pointed me to Armadillo Run now guided me to . It's a great oldschool type of platform game with simple but beautiful and cute graphics, great atmospheric background music, cute sound effects, and a simple enjoyable gameplay.

Warning: you can waste a LOT of time on this :-*

absolutely fantastic.

I completed the game a bit earlier today - it's been one of the better experiences in a long while. It might sound totally whacked out, but I'm rating it up near Half-Life 2. Obviously it's in a completely different league, but I had at least as much fun playing this as HL2 - which says a lot! I guess I really miss well-done retro games :)  :-*  :-*  :-*

Just finished the game myself. Its tough but wholly enjoyable.

i'm almost done.. have everything but last ball.
as eoin says, it is tough and frustrating at times, but very compelling and very very well balanced game which keeps you playing to see what's next.


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