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Within A Deep Forest - oldschool game

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I downloaded this in the summer when I had no internet connection at home and e-mailed it to myself and then forgot what it was because I had saved it as WADF. Finally played it and it is absolutely charming! I'm not very far, but I love all the little creatures that add to the personality and life of the game. Not just the enemies, but especially the ones that don't affect the game. The little villagers in the tutorial level, the caterpillar that follows you, the little blobby thing that peeks up from a platform like it's scared of what's going on. Even on the menu screen there are things that fly around and butterflies and everything.

It creates such a greater level of immersion. Like this fantasy world actually exists. It's so fun! And the best thing about it is that the graphics are so very simple.

deozaan be carefull, this game can take weeks to complete and you have to be working on programming your game, not playing this one!

I haven't played it since I heard about the Jay is Games contest. :) I just wanted to tell everyone how impressed I was by it in my short play time yesterday.

and yeah you hit it on the head - it really draws you in deep, its a great game.

Hi, reviving a old thread I know but I thought this was relevant- A new game, Knytt, from the creator(s) of WaDF has been released recently. It's not at all on the scale of WaDF but is still very atmospheric and a pleasure to play.

Knytt v1.0.1


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