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Re: Autobackup with OneDrive

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True, I just realised that I am going to use double the space in my hard drive for the same files.
Is there a solution for this? To directly backup in the cloud and not locally?-kalos (June 23, 2016, 08:08 PM)
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Yes, Junction Links.

4wd I don't think your link will work very well. It doesn't seem to do versioning, I am not sure if it synchronizes locked/used files, etc.
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You are going to use more than twice the amount of space on your local drive if you do versioning.  OneDrive only does versioning for recognised Office documents - so you either need to:

* recognise you are going to use more space on your local drive;
* find software that will allow you to do versioning in OneDrive cloud but then it will be synced back to your drive anyway;
* or find another cloud provider that does versioning.
One way to get local versioning without 3rd party software is to enable File History.

* Create a folder and share it, (to get a UNC path).
* Enable File History with the UNC path as the destination.
* Create a Junction Link in the OneDrive folder to the folder created in step 1.
All versioning will be done locally and then synced to OneDrive but you will use a lot of local drive space.

But you have the caveat @wraith pointed out above, (although I have never seen the problem on my server where I use Junction Links but it's also not used continually).

maybe we can write a clever backup software that will do versioning, but only store the differences in files in a restorable archive, not the whole files!
anyone wants to work together on that idea?

^ loads of backup software exist that do partial file backup. So yeah, you could use one of them. I use Syncovery which does that too, but IIRC only recommends using it for bigger files. (I use it e.g. for a database.)

rsync that wraith mentions does that too. No experience there myself.

Stoic Joker:
While historically adverse to all things cloud...I have been experimenting with the Azure online backup as of late. And while it's not a free service, if you go with blob only cold storage (which compressed backups like Windows backup are) it is surprisingly economical.

I did bare metal backups on two servers to a staging area which resulted in ~364GB of data. The Azure backup software then compressed it down to ~150GB for upload to the cloud. This leaves plenty of space for versioning (which is totally automated) in the 1TB of (cold blob) storage you can get for $25 a month. There is also no fixed "package" rates so if you use less space - say 500GB for a given month - then it's only $12 for that month.

They do have a "premium" charge for downloads, but it's pennies per Gig, and uploads are free.

Just a thought.


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