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haven't tried it myself yet..

great find there, mouser.

can't quite remember where it was now but whilst the screencasting review was being done i arrived a website that had 'CamStudio' on it. the trouble was, every time i tried to download the exe file or visit the 'CamStudio' homepage i got redirected to which is for 'Macromedia Captivate'.

i gave up trying to obtain the program after that as i assumed Macromedia must have engulfed the project somehow.

the weird thing is that if you click on the 'CamStudio Website' link from the help menu inside the program itself you  are then directed to the Captivate web page again.

anyhow, going to try the program now...


something is really fishy..
looks like they must have made some deal with macromedia to promote robodemo/captivate and stop providing their software.
but at the same time its on sourceforge.

you can see in the sourceforge downloads mentions of camstudio that used to be available on rendersoftware page.
sounds like macromedia made them an offer they couldn't refuse.

Check out the review of CamStudio by my friend George.
Neither of us had trouble getting a copy. George actually emailed and got a response from the author.

CamStudio is free forever
George wrote to fill me in on the future plans that the author of CamStudio has for his great program.

... from Nick about CamStudio. The short version is that he intends to keep CamStudio freeware from this point onward.

Thanks George, I'm sure we are all happy to hear that. A special thanks to Nick. Keep on doing what you do best.
--- End quote ---

wonderfull news!

three cheers for the camstudio authors!!


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