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Batch Convert Outlook Express dbx files & folders to simple text


My main box is still happily running Windows XP (SP2) and my main email client is still Outlook Express (OE version 6.00.2900.2180).

I have thousands of emails stored in dozens of OE folders in an OE folder tree that goes about four levels deep. The single real file directory which contains all of these emails and OE folders consists of 571 dbx files and 832MB. I would like to convert all of the emails to simple text files and have them located in real file directories that correspond to the folder structure within OE.

Is there a simple way to accomplish this? My first thought was installing something like Thunderbird or other email client that is able to import OE dbx files, but if there's a better tool for the job, I'm all ears.

I am running Windows XP on my main box and Windows 7 on my newer rig (both are desktops). I have no other smart devices. I don't care about any of the attachments in any of the emails - just want to get the main body text into simple text files.

Thanks in advance for any help!
Jeff Roberson

Well, I finally found my solution: OE Classic

This windows app is a free replacement for Outlook Express. It allows importing an entire OE folder/message tree and exporting it back out into plain text.eml files.

This (simple, clean and non-obtrusive) app has saved my butt!


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