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What website has the fewest files?

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The mindset is "Oh, a guy with a problem. Let's spend some time on talking about the guy with the only helpful (if a little less friendly though) answers instead of helping him ourselves", obviously.
Go on!  8)

Tux, Your advice to not use MS Word was good advice, but rather than explaining why you soon resorted to calling people names.  We don't do that kind of thing here, please respect that.
Let us now resume helpful advice mode.

Kunkel, to elaborate on what people have said -- you really do not want to export HTML from MS Word because it will generate very convoluted html code that will be very hard to maintain and edit in the future.  It would be far better to use a tool that will generate clean simple html.

at the risk of poking the bear, so far all I'm seeing is people telling him not do something, but nothing that actually points him at anything useful or helpful

There are many (many!) useful tools and resources available (for free!) and rather than pointing out the obvious (which the OP freely admitted to) how about making some useful recommendations

I'm not recommending any of these, they're just some of the results from a google search for HTML tutes (though the W3schools are probably a no brainer)

intro to html -
HTML tutorial -
HTML beginner tutorial -
HTML tutorial -

As already noted you don't need any fancy tools to do this stuff, any text editor will do, though most decent editors will include syntax highlighting that might make things easier for you

There are also a couple of good online HTML generators.

And a good reference that has specific references to codes and such for beginners.

If you're making a simple one page site, if you send me the text I can mark it up into a simple file.

Thanks all, for the replies.   
In all fairness to Tux, I do have to point out that I baited him a bit.   :P  No offense taken, really. 

There's some paradox with writing my own HTML.  I my well go down that path, but as I'm learning, won't I be producing some junky code?  And if my whole thing is to use it on my site...  Well you get the idea.
[to be continued]


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