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GOG Connect - DRM-free access to your Steam library

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Torchlight 2 on GoG Connect right now.

Torchlight 2 on GoG Connect right now.
-wraith808 (October 11, 2017, 12:05 PM)
--- End quote ---

And Torchlight 1. :Thmbsup:

A bunch of games on Gog Connect now (29 by my count).  I think they're up for about 6 days from now (Halloween or Nov 1), but that's only because the one game that I got a hit on said that.  For all I know there's a different deadline for different games.


Unsurprisingly this coincides with a big sale, too.


Nice! Glad to be able to add more of my Steam games to my DRM-free GOG library. I much prefer GOG over Steam these days.

I play some things, but not that much; still on steam as my major games are not on Gog.  A hint- if your steam games don't show up, try to refresh.  Two of mine weren't in the ones offered, so I did it, and they magically appeared.


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