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GOG Connect - DRM-free access to your Steam library

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GOG just announced GOG Connect, where you can link your Steam account with your GOG account to get DRM-free access to eligible titles from your Steam library.

It seems the "eligible titles" are time-limited and will change every so often, so be sure not to procrastinate in linking your accounts.

That's pretty cool!

The demand for this is crazy. It seems the Steam API is overloaded and throttling requests. It may take days for them to process all the requests. So definitely do it sooner than later, due to the time-limited nature of this. AFAIK there has been no clarification from GOG as to whether or not the time limits will be extended due to delays beyond all our control.

Didn't take an unreasonable amount of time- Mine are done, and I got 9 games from it.  I put my request in late last evening, so it's not too crazy.  As far as the throttling, it's not for this specific instance.  The steam API is normally throttled for use, as most APIs are.

I put my request in yesterday morning and wasn't able to redeem the games from my account until this morning. But it does seem to have settled down quite a bit.

And it looks like they added another game to the collection in the meantime. I didn't notice Surgeon Simulator 2013 among the eligible titles yesterday, but now it's there. I wonder if they'll announce which games are part of the GOG Connect feature as they come (and go) or if they expect us to just check it every few days to make sure we don't miss anything.


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