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Feature Request: Save a group of PREFERENCES settings


Wilson Newman:
Hello,  this is my first comment about a program that I really LOVE... it is amazing!

Here is my feature request:  I would really like the ability to save a group of settings in the Preferences menu as a single "profile" (or whatever else you would like to call it.)

I tend to group certain, multiple Capture + Post-Capture + Automatic Captions options together and would like to be able to just save/recall them together as a group as opposed to having to change them all again individually each and every time I change the type of capturing I am doing.  It is a little bit tedious.  (If this is already a feature then... great!  I just need to find it.)

Again, thanks for such an awesome program!

Hi Wilson,

Welcome to the site and thank you for such kind words -- I'm glad you like the program.  It's only because of generous people like you who have donated that the program exists.

Ok, so first, this is a good idea.  There are 2 ways that it sort of already exists, but perhaps it can be improved.

First, all of the drawing object settings can be saved and recalled easily from the Object Presets menu on the main menu.  This is for things like arrow styles, colors of objects, etc.

Second, you can actually save and recall your entire settings (as you seem to be requesting), from the menu in the OPTIONS dialog.  This is slightly more inconvenient to navigate to and to select from, but it should work.  The one thing I noticed when i just checked it out is that it seems to default to the Program Files directory of the program, which is no good, since you shouldnt be saving your settings in there.  So I need to fix that.

One option I could add is perhaps an Advanced Tweak option that would let people tell SC that when they save and load from the easy "Object Presets" menu, it should save all settings in there.  That would make it especially easy to switch between complete settings sets.

Wilson Newman:
Thank you so much, Mouser!

Yes, I guess I always missed the "File" drop down at the top of the Options menu and always just looked straight down into all of the different settings. 

Saving (and loading) different .ini files from the "File" drop down will do just fine.  No problems.


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Feature Request: Save a group of PREFERENCES settings


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