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Default save directory

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Edit the ConfigDir.ini file in the C:\Program Files x86\Screenshot Captor directory
(remembering to remove the // characters at start of line to uncomment it).

This lets you override the default location where the program settings are saved.

Alternatively, you could download the PORTABLE version of the program, and run that from wherever you want. Settings will be saved in the directory itself.

I had tried editing the ConfiigDir.ini file but apparently the location I specified was not allowed. Thank you for your help!  ;D
I do have one more quick question: What are the .objects files? Thank you!

.objects files are created when you add objects to an image (arrows, text boxes, etc.) -- they are what enables Screenshot Captor to let you move those objects around in an image at a later date.

That's what I had assumed, but assuming things usually gets me in trouble  ;)  Thanks again!


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