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Easy/Default access to presets


I have preset that I'd like to apply on all pastes. Is this possible to apply it as a default? Or alternatively, is it possible to have a shortcut to directly use a preset. Looks like someone asked for something similar a long time ago, but I am not sure if anything came out of it.

Thanks for your great work, mouser!

You can set hotkey shortcuts to directly apply a preset.
Just modify the preset and set your hotkey on the Preset Hotkey Trigger tab, and then make sure you RESAVE the preset.

Thanks mouser! That worked.

However there's a 1-2 second delay when I use the preset, which is just one string replace. The regular paste and everything else works fine. I'm on Windows 10/i5/16GB RAM if that matters.

i think that's because the preset is actually trying to FIRST capture what might be selected by the mouse, and the cut and repaste it, and the delay is the program trying to make sure it has a chance to copy it.
(see the help text on the hotkey tab for a longer explanation).

i probably need to add an option for if you want the formatting preset just to be applied to whatever is already in the clipboard.

Applying to whatever's in the clipboard would be really useful.


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