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VB.NET Log to file code


Hi, I thought I would ask about something. I have a log to file method for and thought I would ask if I should post it or not. I use it for debugging and standard logging. One nice thing it does is: If you use it one way, it just logs to a file, but you can also use it, for example, in a try and catch block. And then you can change the way you you log to include what method you are in when it goes to the catch block. Of course you can use the method thing where ever you are in the code.

just wondering. Oh, I'm a c++ guy too but when I retired, I picked up just to have fun.

There's the area Developer's Corner on the forums.  I think it would be totally OK to post it there.

And welcome to the site!

Hey, that's great. Think I will stop by and maybe sow it to them


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