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Feature Request (or Modification?): Title Case - with words to leave alone


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Hi again, Mouser!

Here's another request that maybe can be done?
(I suspect it's not as easy as one thinks, however.... :o )

I use Title Case for a LOT of strings; I use Clipboard Help and Spell's Title Case formatting function to help.

However, I prefer to leave words with 3 letters or less as "lowercase" (as is the standard).
ALSO, I capitalize some words which would normally be left lowercase, if I used the rule above.

(I think there's a set of capitalization rules that dictates which words get capitalized, but I go by "eye"... I'd look up the rules for you if there was a remote possibility something like this could be done) 

(using last two subjects I wrote)

Normal (sentence) case:

* Feature request: remind me of clip
* Feature request (or modification?): title case - with words to leave alone

"My" Title Case:

* Feature Request: Remind Me of Clip
* Feature Request (or Modification?): Title Case - With Words to Leave Alone

(note that "Me" in 1st clip is capitalized, even though it is only 2 letters - this is an example of how I don't leave all small words alone... :D ) 

What do you think?




+1 for this feature request idea.  I also hope to make a custom Autohotkey tool for this,  but I'm an ahk newbie, so I haven't gotten brave enough to work on it yet...  My recommendation for implementing this would be to have an .ini file someplace with a list of words to leave alone, such as


of course CHS would have to also consider whether these were at the beginning of a sentence!  Another feature that I really need, is a list of ALLCAP words that should always be all caps.  There are lots of acronyms were I work.   For example


Those are examples...  I don't really write for the CIA! 


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