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Windows 10 seems to be a little buggy around the automatic maintenance front. In particular, it often doesn't respect the instruction to Automatic Maintenance to wake your computer from sleep if necessary.

In particular, if it's running on an unplugged laptop, it can result in a machine that's woken itself up, performed maintenance and then stayed on until the power available has dropped to a point where it's forced back to sleep again.

There are two main solutions.

The first is to go look at the automatic maintenance setting and, if the checkbox allowing it to wake the computer at the specified time is clear, check it, click okay, then go back and uncheck it.

That seems to work for quite a few people.

Not for me, though.

The next solution is to go into the power management (powercfg.cpl) choose advanced settings for the power plan(s) you're using and, under sleep, change the ability to wake from sleep to "disabled", at least in battery mode.

Final caveat: if you're a Process Lasso user (and why wouldn't you be?) you should be aware that the "Bitsum Highest Performance" scheme gets updated when Process Lasso is -- which means, that if that's the scheme you use, you'll have to either use a different power scheme or change the wake setting in that scheme back after updates. (But I've told the developer about this issue and he's usually pretty good at fixing things!)

If the above isn't quite explicit enough, let me know and I'll come back with screenshots and more detail. :)


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