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Default save directory

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Can't change the default save directory. I change the default save directory in the settings, and "Apply" the changes, but the changes aren't saved once I exit the app and reopen it. Opening the app creates a folder in my documents folder that I don't want there. Thank you for your help.

Can you try changing the folder this way and see if it sticks:

Open the main Screenshot Captor window, and from the "GoTo" menu choose the first item "Go to.." and choose a folder that way.

Tried that. Didn't "stick".

Then let me ask, are *ANY* changes to settings being saved?

If so, then it maybe that when starting up Screenshot Captor is concluding that it is not able to save files where you are telling it to.  Have you tried to save a screenshot in that target directory after you change it?

Are you using the portable or installer version?

Is there anything unusual about the directory you are changing to?

Can you try changing to a directory that the program for sure should be able to save into -- perhaps a new subdirectory in your Documents area?

I think I discovered what the issue is. I'm trying to save the files to a different folder so that I can get rid of the "DonationCoder" folder nested in my documents folder. I don't keep that type of stuff in my documents folder. Just like I don't keep picture or movie files in my documents folder. The problem is that Screenshot Captor saves the settings somewhere in that folder. I don't want to keep application information (like application settings, for example) in my documents folder. How can I change this?


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