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configuration for enterprise use



we are really interested in the ScreenshotCaptor and would like to buy it for our company and would like to use it for our customers.

We have our clients in an "normal" AD environment. The Users don't have admin rights. How can in easy install / deploy the software only to configure it one time (with licence / config path usw) and if it is possible with all the same settings for all users for the key sequence.

That was all i found in the help, but no more details....

"Installing License/Settings/ConfigDir Automatically
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If you put a ConfigDir.ini, or license key file, or settings file, in the same directory as the installer, the installer should automatically copy these files into the Screenshot Captor program file directory."


Hello Timo.

It is easy to do what you want and have the license key and custom settings installed at the time of installation for all users.

Email me and I can assist ([email protected]).


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