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my config


Hi folks,

Gridmove is still useful in 2016 and win10.

I have a minipc attached to my TV (1920x1080) and an ultrawide screen (2560x1080).

I offset my tv screen to touch my monitor in the corner, so windows can be dragged across monitors at the lower right of the TV and the upper left of my monitor.
my config

I put my taskbar on the right vertically to preserve height and not to make it difficult for me to drag windows.
Using the config below, I have two large areas for websites and two smaller video windows on my monitor for previewing what i send to the tv.

virtual preview

my config

The grid has a few features. There is a topbar for the two web windows to combine as one big window. Same with the rightbar to combine both vid windows in case I want to edit a text document. There is a big undo bar at the bottom of the second web window to revert to original placement. The last bar maximizes the window to the TV.

Still modifying and I welcome suggestions.


Based on a request from another user, I edited my config as such:

|   3   |   5   |  7  |
|        |       |      |
-------- ------ -----     
|   4   |   6   |  8  |
|        |       |      |

Trigger explanations:
Trigger zone 1 gives a combination of the two small windows (3+4) on the left of your illustration. Zone 11 is trigger of the middle tall window (5+6) and zone 9 gives you a combination (7+8) that results in a right tall window. Trigger 2 gives a huge window of 3+4+5+6.  Trigger zone 10 is undo. Trigger zone 12 maximizes to the other monitor.

bars at 50px tall or wide

update with more zones

Thanks for sharing!  :up:


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