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Using script to copy multiple image files to a page

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I am trying to find the best way to perform a 'copy/paste' action on certain images in a group of folders so they end up displayed stacked over the next in a Word document or pdf file.  The script is used to gather various pieces of information from a group of folders and one item that needs to be added is an image file in each folder set named invite.png (or jpg).   This image is about 5"W x 2.5"H  (750x350p approx) and I can get close to 4 on a page doing copy/paste manually. 

But every variation I have tried in the looping script ends up with a list of 'file path names" in a list instead of a stack of images where the image file is copied as a picture not a file-path. 
I have tried various functions from Image Magick and Graphics Magick but nothing has worked so far.  Any advice appreciated.

um, what?

This image is about 5"W x 2.5"H  (750x350p approx) and I can get close to 4 on a page doing copy/paste manually.-questorfla (May 24, 2016, 09:13 PM)
--- End quote ---

It would be helpful if you provided a sample output file/image.  Otherwise, something like the way this appends?

Perfect 4wd. Thanks I had looked high and low for something like tha
I have started using Image Magick quite a bit and only recently learned of it's 'sister fork' Graphics Magick
I am always amazed at what can be done with image files through command line which is essential in order to automate things.
I was looking into converting all the png to pdf and then compiling the pages but that is a waste as only one image per  page.

Don't suppose it can be tweaked to add the URL link embedded as can be done in WORD, Outlook etc?
Had to ask :).
You are alread familiar with the setup, it is that same bunch of mini websites and I was sked to add the invitation image to the list, Before someone asks me also add the URL I figured I would so it so whe they ask I can just :)
Smile..  Hehe

PS:  I thought 750 pixel by 350 pixel was pretty good description.  If I paste it here I am not sure the size would be representative of the true measure.
I only wanted to impress that that I can put more than one on a page by using copy/paste.  If I knew how to access the contents of clipboard directly, I could have loaded the image in the batch then pasted it from the batch but clipboard access in Windows 10 is not so easy now.  Win-send-keys is deprecated to the point of no .dll file now. But I was looking at "Xclip'"

Well, it might have worked. :(
Apparently graphics Magic has some issues on Windows 10. 
CopyQ seemed like a good choice too but still no luck in the scipt.
Nircmd may be my only hope!

trying to understand just what you trying to do here

are you using word, or some other program?  what is the end result (clearly some form of contact sheet, but in what format) and the intended purpose?

so many questions...


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