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Goodbye to my father

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Mouser, isn't nice for you, to see all these "virtual" friends of yours writing to share your grief?  :Thmbsup:
It will surely be a tough one for you with this upcoming "Fathers' Day"...

Unfortunately, i only had a dad for the first few years of my life.
Hopefully, people who read your "eulogy" shall come to appreciate their dads for who they are.

Mouser, isn't nice for you, to see all these "virtual" friends of yours writing to share your grief?
--- End quote ---


Both with the death of my father, and my cat a couple of years ago, the messages I've received on this forum have been the one thing that has truly helped calm me down.  It has meant so much to me.

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and nice wishes.

The memorial for my father is this coming saturday.. I won't be online much between June 16-25th, but I will be back with a vengeance at that time.

Stoic Joker:
I do not want in anyway for this to side track the thread, but just wanted to mention that my wife lost her father last week. He fought in WWII, was gay before it was cool, and was one of the finest men I have ever known...he will be truly missed.

Not hijacking it at all.. at this point the thread is open for all who might want to commiserate about losing a parent.

My wife just lost her beloved mother, on June 2nd. Although she had been very ill for the last 6 months, her sudden death was unexpected. She was actually sent home from hospital for recovery of an operation. She was a kind and very helpful person, never hesitant to offer her support, even when she was already plagued by her health issues.


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