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Nice video intro to video compression degredation


This is a nice very gentle intro for people who have no idea what video compression is all about and why some videos get worse on youtube when there are lots of things going on:

Again, this isn't for folks who are familiar with lossy compression issues, but for those who have never thought about the issue, it's a nice visual explanation.

@mouser: Thanks for posting that excellent overview video. I was coincidentally trying to explain some aspects of this (the TV rastering) to my daughter a couple of days ago.
I can now point her at this video and she can get it from someone who knows what he's talking about...    :-[

The only other thing that would have been nice in that video is if he had talked about how different video compression algorithms are specialized and work better for different kinds of video.

Interesting. I knew about video compression and bitrates and stuff, but I never noticed/knew that confetti or snow cause problems with video quality.

I enjoyed it. :)


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