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Feature Request: Remind me of Clip

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spam spam bacon spam:
Good Morning, Mouser!

I'm hoping you can (somehow?) create the ability where I can be reminded of a specific clip at some point (mins, hrs, days, months) later on.

I'll explain with an example:

I'm in Google Contacts and copy Mr So-and-so's name and phone number to Clipboard Help and Spell.
I'll need to do something with that clip later on, but have no time now.
(Maybe I need to call him, text the info to a friend, etc)

I'd love to be able to capture the string, and add a future date and/or time to have the captured string pop-up, blink the Clipboard Help and Spell icon, or something.
A capture hotkey with advanced options would be awesome.

While I'm at it, perhaps I could rename the capture right then, as well.

And.... uhhhh.... format it, too.
(I love  :-* the formatting tool.  I need a 12-step program for it!!)

Regardless of the possibility of this feature, I want you to know you are my hero and appreciate everything you've done already!

~ spammy

Thanks for the nice words..

I'm afraid adding a timed reminder to CHS would be well beyond its scope.
I'm sure folks on the forum can recommend some good simple reminder software.

spam spam bacon spam:
Drats.  I had a feelin' you were gonna say somthin' like that....

I have/know of 92 billion simple reminder apps.
But Clipboard Help and Spell is where all my data seems to coagulate...
(Everything is captured by Clipboard Help and Spell, and then I need to disseminate the captures to their ultimate destinations (PIMs, databases, emails, etc))

So removing a step of pasting to a reminder app would be handy.


There's an app called Stickies by Zhorn which has an API.

Stickies is also on my "can't work without it list", and has a PERFECT reminder function.

And being a Cisco engineer, I know nothing about APIs ;D, so I was wondering if maybe there's a way to make the two apps talk?
If they can, that would make Clipboard Help and Spell *AND* Stickies both Killer Apps.

And you're welcome for the kind words.
You deserve them.

Not often you find a programmer worth their salt, let alone who's nice and writes apps you actually use.



@Spamster: You may be able to meet all your requirements by using Wezinc -
I've been trialling a Wezinc Beta version for a while now, as a Beta tester, and I have to say that it is quite good.
It's a 2 or 3-pane PIM (Personal Information Manager) with date/time alarms and a rather nifty mind-mapping tool for notes arranged in hierarchical categories. Notes are stored in a database using a notebooks metaphor, but they are virtual notebooks and can hold notes that are also in other notebooks (same notes, no duplication) in quite different hierarchical categories.
Wezinc is tied in to the Clipboard too, so anything that goes to the clipboard can be saved in Wezinc as well - images and RTF text + images, plus file attachments, and one can make notes on one's notes...
It might be worth your while taking a look at it, anyway.

spam spam bacon spam:

I ran thru it, but it's too lightweight for me.
I use EssentialPIM, which has it's own faults, but it's the best PIM I can find (and believe me, I look! ROFL...)



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