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blogcpp: Static blogging in C++17

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I found a major threading problem in BlogC++'s NLTemplate templating engine. Now it turned out that the original author (and all forks which might have fixed it) have disappeared from GitHub entirely, for reasons yet unknown.

So I decided that BlogC++ version 9 - to be released some time in 2018, I guess - will come with inja which accidentally also fixes one of the other problems I had, namely the lack of support for if blocks in my templates. Hooray! Time to work.  :D

Done - and I even added a new theme, roughly imitating werc.

blogcpp version 9 is released.  :-[

A fellow board member is currently working on a major rewrite, introducing even better Windows 10 and FreeBSD support as well as a bunch of crash fixes and, uhm... a change of almost everything. I am confused by the number of changes, honestly.  ;D

Maybe version 10 will be done without any work of my own.  :D

After one year of not doing anything with this software, I wanted to return to development. I wanted to fix a long-standing pagination issue. Turns out threading is broken, it stops working unexpectedly while trying to generate a site... :(

(I moved the code to my server with a GitHub mirror, but I cannot announce it on the site itself because of that. Well... lol, I guess.)


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