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That said, your problems are easily solved - two or more spaces at the end of the line force line breaks, which I don't personally think is too onerous.-wraith808 (May 11, 2016, 03:17 PM)
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THANK YOU! Seriously. Wow. GitBook has no reference I could find on how to use Markdown. What I have learned about it from BitBucket and Github, I never saw anything mention the line break.

But hey, I couldn't remember the name of Markdown, so I did a search for it and ended up on the wiki page. Of course, now that you've told me about it, it's one of the first things I saw on the wiki page.

I now use a combination of sublime text and notebooks for my writing projects.-wraith808 (May 11, 2016, 03:17 PM)
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After a cursory glance at their website, it sounds a lot like OneNote.

It does have a lot of the same concepts, but they are more generic.  Notebooks contain folders which contain documents.  These documents can be PDF, Markdown, Rich Text, or Plain text.  That helps me to work in it outside of Notebooks.  It also shows other document types, though not the content- you double click on it, and it opens the default application.  And I sync via its own mechanisms, and dropbox, and haven't had any problems doing so.  There's also an iOS version of the application, so I can use my iPad.

A view of my setup expanded.

It is definitely a Mac app, and you can see in some of the aesthetics.  This is where I originally used it, on my MBP before I went back to windows.  I was glad that I could keep at least this.

That looks useful. Thanks for the screenshot and the explanation. :)


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