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Aliases in aliases


Just found a tiny issue.

I have an alias in FARR -- edit -- that has all my most-used editors listed in it.

I added a new editor to it today. (I collect them. It's a condition. Don't bug me about it, I may growl.)

So I spotted a bit of text on the "edit alias" screen: above the "Results" edit box, it says at the end of the description line, "prefix descriptions with "|" (see help for more info)"

So I went through the list, following that suggestion, adding a pipe to the end of the line and a description after it.

And, after a while, found out what I would have discovered if I'd read the help first: the description followed by a pipe should prefix the command, as opposed to a pipe prefixing the description.

This keyboard's an odd layout: the Home, End and Del keys aren't where they are on the keyboard I usually use, so the process of moving the description from the end to the beginning was slow and painful. Just sayin' ;)

One other thing: I did try to get help from that screen by hitting F1, and Windows (10) chose to ask me what I should use to open a CHM file with. Gulp. Really? What have I broken? Messed around for a while, did something that didn't work, invoked help again (from the FARR menu this time) and it Just Worked. So I'm not sure if you invoke help differently from an F1 at that point, or if Windows 10 is slightly borked, or if I've broken something -- probably best to assume it's me, not FARR, that's at fault here but just in case a heads-up is helpful... :)

I can see how that info about using | to prefix description is misleading -- I'll try to improve it.

As you figured out, the format if you want to add an optional description for an alias is:
prefix string here | commandline here

So I'm not sure if you invoke help differently from an F1 at that point,
--- End quote ---

Let me check into that -- I myself never use the F1 key to bring up help so it's not something I ever test.


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