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Filter box seizes focus...


I enabled the X-Mouse feature on Win 7.
Its system option is "Activate a window by hovering over it with the mouse".

I hope CHS's Filter box (when it gets the focus) will not block X-Mouse. Please!

It not only blocks X-Mouse, but also blocks the Win key, and affects other hotkeys (e.g. after pressing Win+R, the Run dialog is not focused).
It also blocks the accelerator keys in CHS window, e.g. Alt+F for File menu.

And, when the Filter box gets the focus, and I press the hotkey to hide CHS, though CHS window is hidden, the focus is still seized by the Filter box (keyboard inputs still go there), unless I click another window.

At least, please don't auto-focus the Filter box when CHS window opens.

Let me add an option to disable to auto-focus on filter box and see if that helps.

Can you try the beta version, and uncheck the box at the bottom of the TWEAKS options tab to disable the search focus feature:

They the beta 2.36 listed on this page:


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