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Pretend You're Xyzzy - A Cards Against Humanity clone.


Greetings everyone,

I hope you're all familiar with the card game Cards Against Humanity if you've opened this topic. If so, boy are you in luck! I have started a private Pretend You're Xyzzy server which will allow any DonationCoder members play against eachother!

The server is running Apache Tomcat 9 Version 9.0.0.M4, Mar 12 2016, and uses a PostgreSQL database which allows remote access.

If anyone would like to help develop an application to add new cards to the database remotely we can create our own custom card deck! I will give you the remote password information via the messaging system.

There was a built in admin system that was disabled by default. I re-enabled it and added my IP to the "OK" list and I can now create custom CAH decks!

To add custom cards, click here and use "DC"  as the watermark.  :D


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