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Script to edit registry setting all network profiles to private

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Stoic Joker:
This is for those times when I get tired of people who cant at least wait 5 minutes for me to get from the 2nd floor to the 5th floor to see what the heck they did to cause it.-questorfla (April 29, 2016, 03:40 PM)
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Understood, but I was getting the feeling from your description that there was a bit of a repeat offender aspect to this. In which case it's not always valid to blame the user - fun yes - but there is a good bit of - I suspect - misdirected culpability going on there. Because the NLA Service is actually notorious for doing exactly that if it happens to 'wake-up-cranky'

if it's set to delayed start, it won't be tying to play guess the network (usually wrong) when it fires off a tad early and the network connection isn't quite ready for its "interview".

So my suggestion was more (repeat offender) prevention, than first failure remediation.

They just want to Print and don't care that I am not psychic, cannot levitate nor teleport.-questorfla (April 29, 2016, 03:40 PM)
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Ah! End Users... They're so cute when they're angry ... Not!

They are also the ones who complained the most when I suggested we shift to a Domain network because they are 'afraid' that IT will be 'spying' on them.  :'(-questorfla (April 29, 2016, 03:40 PM)
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Actually, from what I've seen even on a domain - when the Network Location Awareness service shits the bed - you're still screwed. But the domain does make it easier to push out service startup and firewall settings and other configurations to prevent that sort of thing ... in addition to it's other more typical benefits.

Note: I've actually seen a Domain Controller seal itself up like a clam because of the NLA service jumping to early. Console logon showed unidentified network, and a NLA service restart made it go "Oh! Lookie! There I am!!".

Delayed start is now part of my base configuration.

ok count this one DONE!  Put a Fork in it.  (hmm I never considered the possibilites of that phrase when used in writing computer code) :huh:

Thanks to 4wd I have a nifty one liner ps1 scipt and another friend provided the equivalent VBS option so that makes two solutions for one problem.
 Not so bad  :-\

Thanks for the input from all.


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