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It makes me crazy ... SC zoom while i'm screening

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i don't know what happened but i replied to your last answer on December ... and nothing, i can't find my last post.

So yes, i use last version of SC : v4.9.1

The effect is between SC and Windows 8.1 :
- right click on desktop --> Screen Resolution --> "Make text and other smaller or larger elements"

The checkbox : "Let me choose a level of scaling for all my views" is unchecked
The cursor "smallest - greater" is between smallest and middle.

If i put the cursor to smallest, SC is ok ... but it's very small on surface screen.

Why does this param affect SC ?


I have the exact same problem with Surface Pro 4. Unfortunately, I cannot use SC (v4.12.0) at all.
Windows 10 (v1511), 64bit, Intel HD Graphics 520, latest drivers (

Screen 1 is the built in, at native 2736x1824. Windows is set by default to display everything enlarged 200% (otherwise, everything is too small)
Screen 2, external, at native 1920x1080. Display size: 100%.

When trying to capture a region, the screen zoom 200% on the built-in monitor (i.e. 400% of original image). The same zooming carries to the external monitor.
Looking forward for a solution!

I think i know this bug.  Can i just confirm -- the problem happens only when you trigger a "Selected Region" capture, right?

I think we may have spotted a common factor among those having a problem.

It seems to happen only on windows 10 when multiple monitors are set to DIFFERENT ZOOM MAGNIFICATIONS.

That is -- it's not a problem when multiple monitors have different resolutions, or when a zoom magnification other than 100% is used.

But Windows 10 introduced the ability to set magnification differently on each monitor, and having different magnifications on different monitors seems to be the problem.

Can those of you who are experiencing this issue confirm?

ps. I'm going to merge this topic with another one on same issue.


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