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desktop shortcut to do a Simple task

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I should have known nircmd would have a sendkey command.   :Thmbsup:

Thanks for the typo fixer. I think I tried something similar, if not that one a few years back.

Not sure how long it has been around s I just 'discovered' Chrome extensions a few months back and have been addicted ever since :).
The sad thing is that if it can be done in Chrome, why the heck can't somebody do it for Office?  I am slowly building my own inside the custom.dic anyway as I catch them but I am not used to having to wait till the end to add one to auto-fix.  Allowing that redlined word to stay redlined until I hit send is like ignoring a ringing phone.  HARD to do!  Just breaking old habits.
What I DID do (it helps a little) is to add the option for "Auto-correct" to the ribbon.  Why it isn't there by default is beyond me!
And even THAT is tricky.
To get it to work, you have to open a NEW email.  Right click the ribbon and choose customize.  Then change the option to view "Items not IN the ribbon".
That finally shows auto-correct option.  THEN, you have to add a new group under the tab you want to see it in.  I added it to several of them just so it would be handy no matter where I was.  The "ICON" it adds is a big Green 'DOT' that when clicked opens to offer changes to all the various auto-correct options.
The weird thing is, you CANNOT do this to the SAME Ribbon in the VIEW mode.  It can ONLY be added in a NEW or Open for reading Email.
This means if you see a good "fix" you want to add, the only way to do it is open a new email.  Add the fix.  Then you can close the email without sending .  But you cannot add that option to the Outlook normal VIEW.
If you figure out a way to improve on this please let me know.
I am SO glad now that I can type in the forum and NEVER see that D***Med "little i"  HAH!  unless I capture it inside of quotes.  First person singular is now an Auto-fix!  Spell Bee would be worth it if it only fixed that ONE thing.
I wish it really had included the spell check as well.

Stoic Joker:
Since passwords were mentioned can someone explain to me why it is necessary after all these years to have passwords with a mix of UPPER and lower Case, numbers, symbols and two teardrops?  They claim it is to prevent a dictionary attack.  For the dictionary attack to work there needs to be a lot of trial and error as it goes through the word list.  So why are these institutions letting whoever is trying to log on make all these attempts?-MilesAhead (April 15, 2016, 12:33 PM)
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Two side of the same coin. People are people...and some times they have bad days. So - Administratively Speaking - you can't make the lockout threshold too tight...or you're just creating work for yourself (trust me ..). However, after a certain point...where it becomes bloody god damn obvious that nobody on this planet could possible even begin to attempt to type that fast - even after doing a pound of cocaine. Then yes FFS the system should have the provision to lockout said user account. This would eliminate 95% of the issue and the - completely security theater - "need" for the rampant annoyance that is known as 2FA.

Naughty Stoic!  Are you chasing his girlfriend?-questorfla (April 15, 2016, 04:52 PM)
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Nope. I'm an Admin. And at that point I was a completely humorless Admin that was stuck on-site while coming down with a cold and was therefore deeply immersed in the process of feeling like total shit, and having far less that zero patience. So... While - in the interest of professionalism - I usually just note things, smile (okay smirk..), and move on. This time - warn as I was - I decided to say screw it, whip out my naughty hammer, and stroll through defiantly waiting for anyone to bitch about something that they screwed up.

I really do try to be nice ... I'm just not really good when cornered.

I LIKE that attitude!  :Thmbsup:


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