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MYSQL code editor for woRking with a template file


I am either asking the wrong question or looking for something the wrong way through Google.
I have a MySQL template file (or that is what I would call it) that is used as the basis for creating the necessary fields and values to start a new MySQL DB for each new project.
I need to toss in a few more folders that came with package.  As well as edit the contents and values of a few others.

Navicat , and Db Forge Studio all want to work with *.sql files that are already loaded (or so it appears) but what i need to edit is the "layout" for a db that is not yet installed. 
I can edit it just fine in Notepad++ but the results are not exactly what I expected.  I was hoping to find a tool that would allow me to load the "starter".sql file, make the necessary changes and then see what they would look like IF they were installed.

Since I seldom read instruction manuals :(  and have never edited a MySQL file structure anyway, it is quite likely one of these will already do this but i am not using the correct function to load the file.  I am just asking for opinions on whatever program might be best suited for this task.

And of course, it has to work without reading a manual :Thmbsup:

MS-SQL and Oracle have tools that can convert your .sql file into a schematic drawing. I'm sure the other enterprise DB solution makers have similar tools available for their DB's too. If that is what you ask.

For MySQL I think options are quite limited. You might have some luck by using the latest and greatest version of MySQL Workbench (version 6 and up). That is a pretty potent piece of software for working with MySQL databases.

Not sure about your NRNM method ("No Read No Manual") though... Usually by spending time reading a manual, you'll become (much) more efficient in what you are trying to accomplish.  ;) 


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