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screenshot captor corrupt or invalid


I have just downloaded the program [screenshot captor] and it says; the signature of screenshot captor setup.exe is corrupt or invalid v4.16.1, what does this mean ?  :-\   I have windows 10  TIA!

Most likely your AV [anti virus] is interfering or your internet connection is not stable, resulting in a damaged download. YYou can retry downloading, and optionally turning your AV temporarily off for the directory you're storing the file. After downloading re-enable the AV!

This happens when the web browser only downloads a partial file -- it's also a terribly confusing error because if you try to re-download with the same web browser it often just returns the same partially downloaded file from its cache.
The solution is to use a different web browser (firefox, chrome, opera, internet explorer, etc.) to re-download the file.


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