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Buying from USA stores\sites and shipping to Ireland



I am looking to buy a mobile phone (Nexus 5X) that is on special offer from B&H.  However, as I live in Ireland, B&H won't ship internationally as they state: Due to carrier regulations, we cannot ship items containing lithium batteries to international addresses.

Has anybody used a third party service to have items sent to them and then onto their own country?  A method of avoiding import duty would be a bonus :)


Parcl shoppers & forwarders: anti_not-available-in-your-area: get what you want!-Curt, DonationCoder's Forum
--- End quote ---

Thanks Curt, have you any experience using Parcl?

It's not much more expensive now on amazon uk (~315$) and you should be in a better position if anything screws up:
EDIT// maybe they wont deliver to Ireland?
EDIT2// nope, wont deliver to Ireland, what a *$%ยง"...

(I was going to recommend german amazon, it's often cheaper than the uk one, and usually delivers to ireland -- but neither true in this case.)

Google is the owner of Nexus, and they decided that the phone in question is for UK only, so don't yell at Amazon regarding this matter. Even if it's possible to get the phone, Google will most likely not make it possible to actually use it for non-UK residents.


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