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Right click selected text and jump to location in regedit (or similar)

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I have been looking for this program all over Google and I am sure it is there.  There may even be more than one.  I have so many of these tools gathered over the years I may already even have it. :-\

The way it worked was that if you selected a lines of text that was a registry key (HKCU or HkeyCurrent User etc )  then right clicked your selection, you had the option to open reg-edit or another registry editor at the location of the text you had highlighted.  It seems it may have even worked to the level of searching for words or text wherever it appeared it int registry but the best part was being able to jump right to the key that needed to be edited without having to scroll for it.

I used it to clean up a few systems several years back where a virus had made specific changes to several registry keys and with this kind of search ability it was easy to locate the keys I knew of as well as find those that I did not yet know about as they all had similar changes made to them.  I could either search for the key or search for the change and it was extremely fast.

UPDATE:  I located this from searching DC history.  Have not yet read the whole thread and it may lead me to the answer.

Apparently,  back in 2014 I had already been on DC looking for this same tool.
Further update:  Apparently not.    This was on a similar but different topic.

The one I use and simplest is RegJump from SysInternals.  Just paste the registry key as param after regjump on the command line.

I am sure there are guis for it and other interfaces.  Some use regjump.exe and some do it themselves.  If you search regjump you should find a bunch.

Edit: On the SysInternals one see the thread on the forum if using a 64 bit OS

Nir Sofer pops up again.  I have his RegScanner utility also.  If you download NirLauncher 9 times out of 10 the quirky utility you need will be in there.  ;)

Also take a look at this one.  It comes in both x86 and x64 exes.  2014 is the latest so it should know about Windows 8 etc..

Edit:  It figures I already had the 2013 version on my machine.  :)  Updated to the latest.  This sounds like what you want.  Select a reg key text and hit a hotkey to open regedit there.

Using here 'Registry Key Jumper' - tool suggested by MilesAhead above.

An excellent tool that also I think is "sounds like what you want".

Also you can have a list of keys (that you can add) to quick acess.

   Edit:  One fly in the ointment.  There is no means to run a utility such as NirSoft DriveLetterView elevated from WSCC(trying to delete a letter without elevation produces the "you do not have sufficient privilege... yadda yadda" in W8.0.)  This makes it hit and miss to launch WSCC in hopes of launching NirSoft and other utilities.  NirLauncher has a run with options button to run each utility as administrator.  I sent a feature request from the WSCC web site to add a means to run the selected utility elevated via hotkey.  I hope it is adopted because I love the way this wrapper gui is organized.

Speaking of handy Guis I ran across Windows System Control Center  It comes in installer, portable, and portableapps-ized versions.  Back in 2008 Lanux posted about it here:

I did the installer.  A nice feature is the update button.  It checks all the utilities for new releases and gets them if the current one is outdated.  I like that part the most.  Looks well thought-out.


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