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desktop shortcut to do a Simple task

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must get an AI spellcheck that catches words in the dictionary that I didn't mean to type
-MilesAhead (April 15, 2016, 07:52 AM)
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If you find it PLEASE send me a PM!
-questorfla (April 15, 2016, 09:10 AM)
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Heh heh heh.  If it reads minds we are all liable to be incarcerated for thought crimes.  ;)

Since passwords were mentioned can someone explain to me why it is necessary after all these years to have passwords with a mix of UPPER and lower Case, numbers, symbols and two teardrops?  They claim it is to prevent a dictionary attack.  For the dictionary attack to work there needs to be a lot of trial and error as it goes through the word list.  So why are these institutions letting whoever is trying to log on make all these attempts?

I don't believe it.  I think it is just an excuse to lock you out of your own account.  Whoops!  You must have hit '0' key instead of ')' key when you logged in!! Your fault.  Give me a break.
(Was that long enough to qualify as a rant?  I hope not.  I don't want to exceed my quota for the month.)  ;)

Naughty Stoic!  Are you chasing his girlfriend?

On the point of the topic though, i just got a real shocker.
I was scanning every archive i could find to see if any old systems had a copy of Sendkeys still on them and lo and behold i found THIS jewel:

It seems several of "us" have already been there/done that way back when
(2011 to be exact)
Wraith, ATH, Mouser and "All The Usual Suspects" :)
My question now is What Happened?
Reading the old thread it seems is is related to false alarms on Viruses, something MilesAhead just brought to the table here about how paranoid people are these days.

So what gives with sendkeys and why is the DLL file now missing from every system I can find?  I see places offering to DL it back to me but....
Maaaaybeee not?   :tellme: :o :down:

AND speaking of TIME MACHINEs Miles  :)

Guess where the next step took me?  Good ol' Nircmd!  Hmmmmm
SURELY Nirsoft is OK?  Right?  You just brought that up in the first reply though about false flags

So now i have a choice between a 2011 compiled copy of what Used to be Sendkeys or Nircmd  which one will it be?

Nils Sofer is the one who should write the Ultimate Spellchecker,
The one Checker to Rule Them ALL!  I bet he could do it!

I just had to post this;

Extension for Chrome :)


Plus Spell checker!  << NOT!  Doesn't spell check but for TYPOS!  GREAT!

Go for it Miles, I just loaded it myself  You can custom make your own fixes as well.
Wish I had THIS for Office 365!
Sorry, name is Spell Bee not sure why the link came out like that

WOW!  It WORKS!!  No more little I by itself!  I can't even force one to show it working Love this thing!!  Five STAR (SO far anyway!) :-*
If you use Chrome this is like a dream come true! :Thmbsup:


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