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Fastest desktop thesaurus software: 20% discount to DC forum members



My name is Jesse, the developer of Brainstorm Pro.

It is a new thesaurus and writing software that helps brainstorm words using the built in thesaurus of MS word.

It can be about 20x faster than using an online site and possibly save an estimated 4 or 5 hrs per year for a regular writer (potentially more if you are a serious writer or regularly do research or projects that involve linguistics)

It is even pretty good for writing poetry and lyrics with the built in rhymer for those coders/hobby musicians.

You can see screenshots at the website:

If you don't have windows/ms word or on MAC the estimated time for that version is just a couple of weeks if I get a little funds...So don't hesitate to take me up on the deal if interested.

I'll take off an additional 5% if you don't have windows/word, are on mac etc...and have to wait a few weeks (funds will go for that development almost immediately)

I've developed a separate database and just have to find a good mac expert to do a compile, maybe with Firemonkey.

It will work natively with Linux hopefully very soon, possibly by the end of this week.

Current retail is $27 so $21 with the discount or say $18 if you are mac and/or linux.

Send me a PM and I'll send you a paypal link and then after I receive payment will add a license and email you (probably a few hours if I'm near the computer)

Jesse Gilbert,

P.S. Some new features are being built in as we speak so you'll get an updated version with more wordsmithing tools.


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