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I am fed up with skype but is there an alternative?

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I am really fed up with skype

the call quality is very low with frequent noise, interruptions and hangs

I don't know what the problem can be, but I have otherwise okay internet connection!

is there an alternative?


Alternatives a plenty. Go to the site: and type Skype in its search option.

Don't expect the person you want to communicate with to change to whatever client you decide to use. Even when the alternative is better, people don't want the hassle to recreate their contact list(s) in this new client, just for you and you alone.

You would better go after finding out why your Skype connection is bad and how you can improve. Google is your friend. Perhaps Bing too.

Most people have a Google account of some sort, whether Gmail, Google+, or YouTube.  Which means they have ready access to Google Voice and Hangouts, and don't know or care that it can do VoIP as well as Skype can, just nobody uses it.   :P
Shows you the power of branding, eh?

As far as alternatives and quality go, if you can convince your friends to use a different client, most any app using SIP can work as well as a land-line phone depending on your internet traffic, but all parties have to sign up with a SIP provider, of which there are many free options.  For group conversations, Mumble works very well, and the setup is minimal.

thanks but can you provide me a specific recommendation? I don't want ads, bloatware, spyware, stupid apps etc.
I installed Viber and it wants me to also install it on a phone which is ridiculous!
Is there a SIMPLE plug in and play software to videochat?

Is there a SIMPLE plug in and play software to videochat?-kalos (April 16, 2016, 11:12 AM)
--- End quote ---
Skype or Google Hangouts.

Sorry, but that's it, really - you'll be hard pressed to find anything that works better. Video conferencing is hard to do well, there's a whole lot of non-trivial stuff involved... and since you're asking for "plug and play" (which, I assume, means no port forwarding and such), you'll be hard pressed to find something that works better than Google's and Microsoft's offerings :(


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