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Shadow Defender free


100% discount in effect for about 2 days 17 hours after this post date/time.

I believe I tried this once before and it did not work smoothly on my Laptop.  ToolWiz TimeFreeze is free and has a similar functionality.  But it works on my Lappy.  ToolWiz products may not be updated very often, if at all, in the future though.  The software producer's status seems unclear.  ToolWiz TimeMachine has not been updated in a couple of years.

In any case Shadow Defender may work better on your machine than mine.

Just for grins I installed it and tried it again.  I got the same behavior as last time.  Engaging shadow mode I get a small splash at the top center of the screen saying Shadow Mode and the program has a splash saying Please Wait which does just that.  It waits.

Unusable for me.  Your mileage may vary.


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