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anyone else getting DNS error for

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Anything I try to load that depends on domain produces a dns lookup failure.  Is anyone else seeing the same thing?


It's working for me.


It's working for me.
-Deozaan (April 07, 2016, 02:45 PM)
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Thanks for the link.  Good to have.  I must have gotten erased from the college name server or something.  I guess I'll try flushing dns cache and see if that matters.  :)

Strange.  When I do nslookup from a command prompt it times out after only 2 seconds!  No biggie.  I only noticed it because I was curious about this new(at least new to me) application migration software they have.  Peculiar.  :)

Changes may have happened to the eassus domain that haven't propagated (yet) to the DNS server that actually "translates" the internet for you(r computer). Usually DNS servers at places of education (universities and colleges) are quickly updated though. Assuming you use your own laptop at this location to connect to the web, there might be some networking policy in play. Publicly accessible computers at a library for example, might also not be the first in line to receive the latest DNS info as fast as their main institutional DNS servers do.

When I was responsible for creating and aggregating content for a Dutch ISP around 2000, according to the Linux admin(s) working there at that time, DNS changes could easily take 24 hours to propagate. I think it is safe to assume that this remains true even today. While I suspect root DNS servers (at RIPE and similar organizations) might have become faster over the years, it will be balanced out by the significantly increased amount of DNS entries to keep track of.


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