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Twist Tie alternative?

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I use Gear Ties, they work great.

I use Gear Ties, they work great.
-c.gingerich (April 07, 2016, 01:39 PM)
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Looks like that would work.  For grins I looked at the zip ties available at  I figure for USB cables and old buds I save for emergency use they should be ok if I leave a bit of a gap when I put them on.  I got lucky and found a bag of 50 for $2.99 with free shipping:

Small items like that they usually throw in an envelope and send via regular mail.  I should not have a problem with anyone refusing to take delivery etc..

Plus if I don't lose them they are bound to come in handy for something else eventually.  :)

The clips you have are along the idea that made me try the bobby pins.  But the smooth insides make them easier to slide on I am sure.   :Thmbsup:

Heh.  In the picture they look like metal clips.  Like smooth bobby pins.  I didn't read the copy.  My bad.   :-[

Tarbuck knot for bundles or loops. Works well using small nylon cord. Slide knot to tighten it.

Tarbuck knot for bundles or loops. Works well using small nylon cord. Slide knot to tighten it.
-sword (April 12, 2016, 02:52 PM)
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Thanks for the response.  Back in the days when I had a couple of PC Towers under a table you should have seen the nest of wires!!  Heh heh.  I should have done it neatly then.  But if it worked I didn't fix it in those days.

Now I am mainly looking to keep things will small wires from tangling.  Stuff like earbud wires and usb cables that go to hand held players etc..  I have some zip ties ordered for stuff I will be storing for a long period such as old spare earbuds..  For stuff I need to unwrap all the time I am going to try those rubber fish wrap thingies.. if they ever arrive in the mail.  :)

For the USB cords I'll probably either use a rubber band or a twisty tie.  Just so it doesn't get tangled up with the other smaller wires.

I've also seen cardboard tubes (like toilet roll centres) used to store cables - just bundle the cables and push em through the tube.  Stops anything else getting caught up, but probably takes up a bit more space. 

You would probably need to experiment a bit to find a size that suits (and it doesn't have to be cardboard)


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