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Twist Tie alternative?

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I am wondering if anyone has a good alternative to Twist Ties for keeping stuff like ear bud wires, usb connector cords, and other stuff that has small gauge wire connected to it, from getting all tangled?

Granted Twist Ties are cheap but they can be a bit of a pain to twist and untwist.  I tried using bobby pins but they are too straight.  I was thinking along the lines of small padded alligator clips.  Maybe something I could find in a Dollar Store.

I don't have a junk drawer for these kind of resources.  I have to pretty much buy everything I need for specific purposes.  With all the hw guys out there I figure there must be ingenious solutions too.    :)

Zip-lock sandwich baggies. PS - These also work great on sewing thread spools to prevent a classic rat's nest situation.

a piece of cardboard (or equivalent) with some slots will do the trick, at least for the fine stuff like earphones.  Possibly bulky, but all in one solution

Or velcro, though you would still have discrete bundles

Thanks for the suggestions.  I did find some 2" x 3" zip lock bags but they wanted $5 for 300.  I guess twist ties are not that bad if I can get ones better than the bread twist ties.  I'll have to check the dollar stores.

For my player I can just wrap the buds around it since it is in a baggy by itself.  The other stuff like USB cords I only use once a day for charging.  Unwrapping a twist tie would not be a big burden.  :D

I just thought someone may have invented a home made thing like a rubber lined alligator clip.  :)

I just thought someone may have invented a home made thing like a rubber lined alligator clip.
-MilesAhead (April 06, 2016, 08:35 PM)
--- End quote ---

this reminds me, I saw someone recommending hair clips for bundling cords (though IIRC they were talking about power cords, but the principle applies  ;))


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