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Twist Tie alternative?

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I noticed that earbuds that have that loop on the wire you can slide down near the ear pieces resist tangling.  I found a use for my little bag of zip ties.  I put a zip tie near the ear pieces and slowly reduce the size of the loop making sure I can slide it along the wire.  Once the sizing seems right I cut the excess.

Preliminary results have been good.  I have a traditional set up buds I added the loop to.  And I have another set with small speakers that clip to the ear.  Both have resisted serious tangling since installing the loops.  I was using a rubber band after looping the wire to keep things tidy.  But fishing the elastic out of a box or whatever when storing the buds was a pita.  This way I just slide the loop near the ear pieces and roll up the wire.   :Thmbsup:


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