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Twist Tie alternative?

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Q Knot: a cross between a rubber band and a zip tie (reusable)
-app103 (April 16, 2016, 09:20 AM)
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Thanks.  Those look very cool.  Like now and then a power cord will come with one on the cord.  I wish there was a dollar store with more techie stuff.  Now and then I go to DollarTree but they all involve a lot of walking from here.  There are non-chain dollar stores in downtown but most do not have the "everything is a dollar" rule like the Tree does. Plus to find anything in less than an hour I have to ask the owner.  I hate that.

Speaking of twist ties it seems tough to find any for sale at a low price that aren't the paper covered kind.  I have noplace to store and no use for a giant box of garbage bags to get them included.  :D

I wish there was a dollar store with more techie stuff.
-MilesAhead (April 17, 2016, 07:54 AM)
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I am lucky to have a large one locally that everything really is $1 or less, and they stock some great stuff. My daughter even got a copy of the vintage game Pharaoh and Cleopatra for $1, some years back.

For the purposes you describe, I use the hell out of these:

Actually, I should probably qualify that a bit.  I use those velcro cable ties for cables, cords, larger headphones, etc.  For my earbuds, I use a slight variation on this technique:

Thanks for the replies.  Just because I hate it when a bud falls out and I could get them for $8 I bought these JVC Earclip Buds

They are a bit cumbersome to put on.  But once in they are snug and comfortable.  I have never owned $50 buds so have nothing high end to compare them to.  But they sound better than my Koss buds.  The main thing I noticed was instruments would be in left,center or right location.  Like the separation was much more pronounced.

They have a loop that slides down the wires to the clips which reduces the chance of tangling while in the pocket or baggie.  With these the Sandisk sounds quite decent.  I recommend them for anyone who likes to spend $10 or less on buds.  I changed the Sandisk eq. setting from max bass to the Jazz preset and they sound fine.  On my Philips player I left everything the same except I notched the volume down 3 ticks.

Anyway a bargain if you can conveniently pick them up at a Walmart store avoiding shipping fees.


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