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DonationCoder board game night Saturday April 9th at 5pm, in Champaign IL

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Anyone in the area is welcome to join us for board game night at my house (in Champaign, IL) on Saturday, April 9th starting at 5pm. [won't technically be many DC folks but that doesn't matter, you are still welcome.]

I will be running a 10k in the morning nearby ( -- if you are interested in participating in that as well i'd be happy to give you a lift from my house.

There will be food and snacks.  Message me for directions.

While an 11 hour drive sounds nice, it's a little out of the way for me. But I would be there if I were a lot closer. :-)

Thanks for the invite though.

Board game night was a ton of fun.
Also, i finished 88 of 208 in the muddy 10k trail run in 30degree weather.  was brutal -- i can barely move my legs -- good stuff.

Which game(s) did you play?

We played games that could handle 8+ players:

* Mayday Mayday! - Hidden role bluffing game where you have to vote on who to let into the cockpit of a hikacked plane; we played twice, bad guys one once, good guys one once. Fun.
* Telestrations - A fun drawing game that I always play with large groups; no winners just lots of laughs; works with all ages.
* Dixit (Odyssey) - Players try to guess the weird picture card that best matches a clue; another nice game for larger groups of all ages, since there is no down time.
* Codenames - Very popular recent game where two teams compete to choose words to match clues; always popular, fast to play, very fun.


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