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Atlantis Word Processor 2.0, beta testing



Mar 31.
Atlantis 2.0 with support for tables is available for betatesting.
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  Atlantis Word Processor Betatesting    
This page was last updated on Mar 31, 2016.    Current beta version: 2.0(a0)

Welcome to the Betatesting page of Atlantis Word Processor.

   Please click here for information on the latest beta version of Atlantis.

Please use the link below to download the setup file of the beta version of Atlantis, and use it to install the beta on your computer:

   Setup file of Atlantis Word Processor (size: 2.6 MB)

Please install this new version to the current home folder of Atlantis on your system, if any. This will prevent conflicts between different versions of Atlantis. If you decide to revert to the previous version, you can download & run its setup file to downgrade.

If you have an older beta version of Atlantis on your computer, you can upgrade to the latest beta through the "Help | Check for Updates..." menu command of Atlantis.

Please post your comments, suggestions, or bug reports to the Atlantis Forum.

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