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Looking for spam filter


I'm looking for a spam filter for my wife's email. She checks it on her android tablet most often. I have a windows PC running 24/7 so I was thinking I could run some sort of email client that accesses her email (IMAP) and moves potential spam to a folder.

Seems like most programs of this type act as proxies: i.e. they run a mailserver to which your desktop mail client connects. I don't want this, because I'm not using a desktop client to check her mail.

For my email, on this PC, I use Claws mail with BSfilter, but the BSfilter configuration only allows one spam directory (so I could use it to filter her mail, but all the spam would wind up in MY spam directory, where she couldn't access it to check for false-positives.

Then there's the issue of training. How could she train a filter not living on the same device where she's reading her mail.

Her spam is out of hand and I need to do something. Trying to avoid gmail for now but that might actually turn out to be a good solution.


You can probably do what you want with MailWasher Pro.  It has both Windows and Android clients and you can sync settings between them.  The PC client has a local recycle bin which can function as your separate spam folder.

Read through the online help to see if you could set it up the way you want.

I've been using Spamihilator with good results for many years, on several PC's. It does however trigger some false positives over time, even with the default settings so some maintenance is required/desired, and I've used it mostly on multiple accounts for 1 person, not several persons with multiple accounts. It acts as a proxy for your mail-client.

Most external mail providers allow for automatic forwarding of mail you received in the account they created for you (without putting the "FWD: " in front of the message title) to another external mail host. At least that has been my experience with external mail hosts so far.

If this is the case for you, you could forward it to a gmail account associated with your wife and let their SPAM filters do the work. These are quite decent. Your wife then only needs to pick up mail from the google mail account with the client she already has on her android device. This would be one of the easiest solutions, which won't be too taxing on the training part either.

On the other end of that scale is running your own mail server. This is what I do myself, using the Linux-based PostFix with the spam filter software that comes with it. But there are good Windows-based mail servers too. To my knowledge the open source hMail server has been favorably mentioned here several times by experienced Windows system administrators on this forum alone. Having no experience with this particular mail server software, I still think it is safe to assume that you can get additional spam filter software for it if the already available SPAM filters prove to be inadequate for your own situation.

Running your own server means you have a lot more power regarding mail...but with great power comes great responsibility, so be prepared if you choose that road. 


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