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Mechanical Keyboards

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You might like this site:

They deal with vintage mechanical keyboards of all types.  Looks pretty clean- congrats!

I know deskthority, but those guys are too esoteric.  ;D

However, regarding "vintage": The keyboard pictured above was built on August 7th, 2018. There is a "license plate" on its back, stating that.  :)

Well, yes.  Mechanical Keyboards in general are esoteric, aren't they?

Ah... I get it.

I didn't know that they were still making those.  TIL.

Well, vintage in function, if not manufacture LOL

Made by the vintage ex-IBM employees with vintage ex-IBM patents on vintage ex-IBM machines, indeed.

In gaming communities mechanical keyboards are quite "normal", according to what I see on the shelves of tech stores.  :)

Yeah... but if you look in the mech keyboard communities, you'll see what Razer and Logitech are pushing are not in those communities.  Most gamers use it because people tell them they're better.  Oh... and the RGB.  Mustn't forget the RGB.


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